Onward and Upward

The new Golfcoin ERC-20 token contract has been launched! Check it out on Etherscan here.

As you will see, the new Golfcoin has a supply of 100 billion tokens. These tokens (i.e., Golfcoin Reward “points”) will be issued as a reward to program members who make purchases at merchants within the Partner Network.

As one would expect, the value of the new Golfcoin will be driven by what users can redeem them for. Partners will be able to customize redemption options and exclusive deals through a web-based portal.

Swap Details

Current Golfcoin holders will be able to redeem their tokens for new Golfcoin Reward tokens at a rate of 10:1.

If your Golfcoin is held on CoinExchange, no action is necessary. CoinExchange has been a great partner through this process and will swap all balances to the new token. We are finalizing the date with CoinExchange, however it will be the first week of November.

4 replies
  1. Farm.Boy says:

    You say if you hold your old coins at CoinExchange “you won’t need to do anything” Does that mean the new tokens will be trading on CoinExchange?

  2. joost says:

    Hi there,

    How many coins do i get when i have 1 millions coins of golf on coinexchange?
    Because on coinexchange.io they talk about 1:10, and in your announcements10:1?

    greetings joost.

    • golfcoin says:

      I’m sorry for the confusion. You will receive 10 new Golfcoin tokens for every 1 you currently hold. So if you currently have 1 million Golfcoin, you will get 10 million of the new Golfcoin tokens after the swap.

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