As with any entity that hopes to find success, we must have a clear mission for Golfcoin. Thus, going forward, our mission is to make Golfcoin the rewards program for the golf industry. Our goal is that every golfer and golf-related merchant (courses, shops, etc.) will join the Golfcoin Rewards™ ecosystem to the benefit of players, merchants, and the game of golf.

We believe that a rewards program gives Golfcoin the best possibility to achieve widespread industry adoption, and, in consideration of the SnapShot kiosk, that this can happen in a short period of time.

We expect that golf courses and ranges will be very excited about installing SnapShot as it provides an additional method of revenue generation with no upfront costs. We believe that this fact alone, not to mention the other benefits SnapShot provides, will result in hundreds, if not thousands, of kiosk installations. Golfcoin Rewards™ will be fully integrated with SnapShot – enabling users to earn and redeem Golfcoin. This will create a very large user base for Golfcoin Rewards™.

Once a facility has installed SnapShot and users are earning Golfcoin Rewards™, we will work to integrate Golfcoin Rewards™ with their POS system so that golfers can earn and redeem Golfcoin at the facility.

We are working diligently towards this goal, and rest assured, progress is being made!

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