We’re excited to release our first of many quarterly project updates.

This last quarter was an exciting time for the community and our project as a whole. We accomplished a lot to bring us closer to product rollout and adoption, including the introduction of Golfcoin Rewards and conversion to our new ERC-20 token.

With the new Golfcoin, ERC-20 token, we are well positioned to be the premier universal rewards program for the Golf Industry.


  • Introduce Golfcoin Rewards™ ✓  Announced project mission & vision, and filed trademark with USPTO.
  • Launch new website ✓  Golfcoin.cc
  • Release roadmap ✓ 
  • Develop smart contract and tools to facilitate conversion ✓ Open for all old Golfcoin holders.
  • Complete audit of smart contract ✓ Audited by CoinMercenary; determined token was free of security vulnerabilities


  • Golfcoin ERC-20 Token launch
  • Swap period opened Q4, November 2nd and ends 12/31/18
  • Formalize advisor relationships
  • Publish White Paper

Note: The Golfcoin to new Golfcoin ERC-20 token swap period opened Q4, November 2nd and ends 12/31/18.


We look forward to all the great opportunities ahead of us.


Golfcoin Team

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